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Wednesday, October 19


The Consensus Grows: Week 8 Picks

The ATL trio scrapped their way to a 3-3 consensus weekend last Saturday. Travis and Peter held their own, going 4-2 last week, but Andrew struggled, going 1-5 and bringing down the consensus average. We still believe that the stronger the consensus, the better the information, so we’re bringing in two guest contributors this weekend.

The first guest contributor is
Alex Ernst, who is the current champion of the ATL Pick ‘Em league. His picks have been so good, in fact, that he’s ranked in the top five percent of all ESPN users. We’re hoping for some money picks from him this week.

Our second guest contributor is our Best Partisan Commenter Awardee, Mike Holt. We’re confident that these two will help the ATL consensus nail the picks this week. This is the week Andrew turns it around. On to the picks…

Top BCS Threat Line of the Week
Virginia Tech -10.5 @ Maryland
PB—This is the week Virginia Tech finally plays a close one. The Terps are improving. Tech wins, but not by that much. Pick: Maryland
TR—If VaTech can win, they’ll cover. Why? Because Beamer knows he’s got to impress voters and the computers, so he’ll try to up the margin. Pick: Virginia Tech
AW—Ralph’s club scares the Hokies but they survive. Pick: Maryland
MH—No so fast. Despite my desires otherwise, the Hokies defense is too strong. Pick: Virginia Tech
AE—This is a tough one. I’m confident the Hokies will win, but can they pull off an eleven point win in Maryland? I believe that they can. Pick: Virginia Tech

Consensus: Virginia Tech (3 votes to 2)

Top Preseason Overrated Teams Line of the Week
Michigan +3 @ Iowa
PB—Iowa hasn’t lost at home in a long, long time. Michigan can’t get it together. Gimme the Hawkeyes. Pick: Iowa
TR— Iowa’s only real loss was at Ohio State. (Tate was injured for Iowa State.) But the Hawkeyes let Indiana throw all over them last week. Pick: Michigan
AW—Iowa won eight straight to end last season. They could do it again. Pick: Iowa
MH— Based on the pattern of W and L’s for Michigan you would have to say this is an L week. Pick: Iowa
AE—Can I pick a tie? I can see Iowa winning by a field goal, just to spite me. I predict that there will not be a letdown for the Wolverines this week as they hang in there with the Hawks. I had the stones to say that ISU would top the Hawks….I say Iowa gets more than they bargain for yet again…. Pick: Michigan

Consensus: Iowa (3 votes to 2)

Top SEC Heavyweights Game of the Week
Tennessee +3.5 @ Alabama
PB—Two BCS contenders fall this week. Tech and Bama. The Tide offense can’t score enough to win without Prothro. Pick: Tennessee
TR— Alabama does nothing for me. Pick: Tennessee
AW—survives again but won’t run the table. Pick: Alabama
MH— That Bama v. Ole Miss game was so ugly and Florida was overrated when they beat them and still are. The Tide is washed up. This is my pick of the week: Tennessee
AE— I swear Brodie Crolye’s been around the last eight years. After struggling to win against Ole Miss, I cannot go with the Tide. Pick: Rocky Top

Consensus: Tennessee (4 votes to 1)

Top You Know Your Team Really Sucks When This Is Your Line Game Of The Week
Texas A&M -3.5 @ Kansas State
PB—Poor Aggies. Another lost year. Should be able to manage this spread, though. Right? Pick: A&M
TR— No way A&M wins on the road. Lock of the century. Pick: K-State (by at least 20)
AW—The Aggies can’t be that bad. Wasn’t Franchione suppose to resurrect this program? He hasn’t but Kansas State is worse. Aggies in a close one. Pick: A&M
MH— What went wrong with these programs? Whatever happens to UT this year, you can always be thankful we will never drop this low. Yawn Pick: TAMU
AE— Well, just to make the North suck even more, and to give Cyclone fans false hope of having a chance to contend…. Pick: Texas A&M

Consensus: Texas A&M (4 votes to 1)

Top Battle of Unbeatens Game of the Week
Texas Tech +16 @ Texas
PB—Are you serious? This one is going to be a blowout. Pick: Texas
TR— Give me Texas -30. Pick: Texas
AW—Over / under: four hours thirty minutes. Texas wins going away. Pick: Texas
MH— Horns have been doubling me up all year. I can’t wait. Pick: Texas
AE— Maybe, just maybe, if the game was at Tech, I’d give them consideration. To be fair, Sam Houston State……actually, there’s no excuse for their crappy scheduling. Pick: Texas

Consensus: Mortal Lock of the Week – Texas (5 votes to 0)

Top Try to Figure Out the Pac 10 Game of the Week
Oregon -9.5 @ Arizona
PB—Oregon is improving, though I like Arizona’s defense. I’ll take the points at home. Pick: Arizona
TR— You’ve got to adjust Pac-10 lines for West Coast inflation. Since they always score in the 40s, a line of 9.5 is like a line of 4 for teams that score in the 20s. Arizona’s nothing. Pick: Oregon
AW—Mike Stoops’ club just lost at home to Stanford. Arizona can’t score enough points. Pick: Oregon
MH—Arizona sucks. Pick: Oregon
AE— Any team that loses to Stanford at home will get no mention. Pick: Oregon

Consensus: Oregon (4 votes to 1)

I believe the consensus for Alabama-Tennessee is 4 to 1 in favor of Tennessee...
This is why you hired me.
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