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Friday, October 21


Inside the Numbers: Texas Defense Edition

*43.6—percent of Texas’ opponents drives that are three plays and out

*16—number of sacks recorded by Texas’ defense this year

*11—number of games it took the UT defense to record 16 sacks last year

*147.7—yards per game passing allowed by the Texas defense

*8—number of opponent drives starting inside the Texas 40 yard line

*2—number of touchdowns scored by opponents on those drives

*240—total yards allowed per game by Texas defense (#3 nationally)

*11—turnovers forced by Texas’ defense this year

*3—number of those turnovers returned for scores

*63—points scored off those 11 turnovers

*19—points allowed by Texas’ defense on Texas’ 10 offensive turnovers

*14—points per game allowed by Texas defense

*46.3—percent of opponents’ pass attempts completed

*67.4—percent of Vince Young pass attempts completed

*0—losses by Gene Chizik defense-coached teams in last two season

*0—percent chance of Texas Tech winning

Hook ‘Em Horns! Beat Texas Tech!!

U guys like stats huh? Well I got a few stats for yall. How about 28 straight victories by USC. USC's defense may not match up statistically, but it gets the job done, as proven with our 28 straight wins. Everyone talks about how weak the Trojans defense is, but ask every team that plays USC, and I guarantee that every player from the opposing team is sore the next day. USC will hit u and hit u and hit u some more.
To all USC fans who read this: MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!!!!! You want stats, you don't want stats. You ask for stats to back up our opinion, then give your opinions based on 28 consecutive games (most of which haven't happened this year), but won't give a logical discussion as to why they think Texas doesn't stand a chance. It would be a great game because both teams are great. Two supreme heavyweights that battle it out for 60 minutes (assuming USC plays the first half). I really hope that the two play in the Rose Bowl because it would be two GREAT Rose Bowls in a row. No predictions on who would win because it doesn't matter. We haven't gotten there yet. GOD I hate California smack talk.
USC? Who's that. It's says "Hook ‘Em Horns! Beat Texas Tech!!" We're not worried about USC. We're worried for the health and ego of Texas Tech.(After the horrendous beating we will be putting on them.) Don't worry, we'll worry over USC later. (Again with the horrendous beating and ego destruction put upon them by Texas.)

That post was for the person who posted the first comment. Not to the article.
Is it just me or is "Anonymous" a little bipolar?

That guy needs to get his shit together.
The ego has been bruised. As has the QB. Also, any other player for Tech.
Funniest comment ever. nice one Drew.
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