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Friday, October 21


Smoke and Mirrors: Texas Tech Edition

ESPN Gameday is coming to town. The pundits are devoting thousands of words to the game. It’s a game featuring the #2 and #7 teams in the College BCS standings. And yet, here at ATL, we’re just not that worked up.

It’s a must-win, as they all are, but it’s so hard to envision Texas Tech even covering the spread in this game, let alone winning it. For one thing, Texas Tech’s 6-0 record is largely window-dressing. They haven’t beaten anyone in the Top 25. Christ, they haven’t even played anyone in the Top 25. They’ve beaten three mediocre teams from the Big 12 North (Kansas, Nebraska, Kansas State), and three colleges you’ve never heard of.

While Texas’ schedule hasn’t been particularly brutal, it’s been nothing like the Cupcake City that Tech has scheduled. The only reason Tech has gotten as much love as they have is that they play a crazy pass-attack offense predicated on fast scores and 200 throws a game. Well, when you play for 60 minutes against Appalaichan Florida International Tech for the Blind, it’s no wonder you win 80-10.

What is mystifying, however, is why some people have bought into the hype. For the seventh straight game, Texas is being underestimated, this time courtesy of other people’s fascination with shiny objects. In this case, Tech is a Lamborghini. Unfortunately for them, they’re entered in a Monster Truck steel cage death match with a ten ton truck. Does anyone really think Tech can gimmick their way to a win here?

We sure as hell don’t. Texas contained Tech last year, and Gene Chizik will do the same this year. Cody Hodges is going to get hammered to the ground just the way Joel Klatt was last week, and he’s going to get real uncomfortable real quick after a few of those vicious blows.

Throw in the fact that Texas Tech’s pass-happy offense means more possessions for the opposing team, too. Does anyone really want to stake any money on Tech being able to contain the Texas offense? Vince Young dominated Tech last year, and he’s only better this year. Seriously, somebody please explain to us how Texas Tech can win this game. We don’t see it happening. The only real suspense on Saturday will be watching to see if Lee Corso dons a Bevo mascot head when he picks Texas.

Our official prediction is a Texas blowout, 58-20. Feel free to chime in with your own predictions for Saturday’s “Game of the Week.”

I think it's going to be a shoot out and its going to be close.

But Vince Young will prove why he deserves the heisman this year.
Texas 44, Tech 15.
The only logical way that Tech can win is if a hurricane touches down in Austin today and the game is moved to Lubbock. That said, the players would then have to be swept up by said hurricane and thrown to Houston so they couldn't make the 800 hour bus trip to Hell. If all that happens, sure Tech could win. But if the our cheerleaders show up, all bets are off.

I couldn't agree more with Bean. This one shouldn't be close. Texas will be able to pressure Hodges all game long and will succeed in throwing off Tech's vaunted rhythm. Sure, the Red Raiders will score some. We will blow an assignment and miss a few tackles. But it won't be anywhere near enough. I see the Red Raiders geting three touchdowns at most. Leach will probably go for two each time. Therefore, I only see them scoring 18.

Texas will dominated both on the ground and through the air. Our receivers are coming around. Jamaal will play and play well. Look for Charles to return to his 100+ games. And don't be surprised if VY has numbers nearly as strong as last week's. Tech's defense doesn't worry me.

This game will be at least four hours long. Over under on pass attempts should be at least 80. Texas wins impressively in front of Corso and Herbstreit, 45-18. Corso will surely be sporting the Bevo helmet at the end of Gameday.
Texas 35 - Tech 17. Then the fun begins... Hook 'em.
Texas 45, Tech 21. Tech should be able to get some lucky passes downfield and seeing how often we fumble, they could probably turn one of those into a TD.
tech 44 - longhorns 28
Man i am watching the game right now, but i think tech has a great chance!!!
Slay is going to pound Vince Young!!!
Tech 44, Texas 40
"cadec11_tx said...

Man i am watching the game right now, but i think tech has a great chance!!! "

What game were you watching?

Hook 'Em
that 58-20 prediction was right on the money...damn. As for the previous comment, put out your hand for thinking TEch actually stood a chance. I'm out

_Jo Blo
Tech held to 17pts, who predicted that 'right on the money'???
pretty damn close i implied...assclown

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