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Thursday, October 20


Masterful Voting by Former Coaches

We’re inching up in the coaches poll. We’ve gained a little ground in the Harris Poll. We picked up one vote in the Blog Poll. Despite USC playing in several close games, the fact remains that Texas isn't gaining much ground. Voters seem content voting the Trojans #1 until they lose (which is understandable).

Well, almost all the voters. One group of voters has changed course. I speak, of course, of the coaches that are voting in the
Master Coaches Survey—a poll consisting of 16 former college football coaches, including 10 Hall of Famers. This week, for the first time, Texas was voted #1, receiving 10 of the 16 first place votes. USC checked in at #2 with six first place votes.

Say what you will about a poll that includes R.C. Slocum among its ranks; it’s still nice to see the Horns atop at least one poll besides our decidedly partisan
ATL Top 25.

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