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Monday, October 24


Road to Pasadena Oct. 24th

Six unbeaten teams now remain. This Saturday felt tame compared to the last one with nearly all the top teams marching on. Only Michigan State and Virginia were toppled. Texas dominated a “top 10” Tech team while Virginia Tech struggled in the first half against an unranked Maryland squad on national tv. The computers and polls will love the Horns this week. More BCS stuff to come.

Tier 1—The Favorites
1. USC—won handily out west against the terrible Washington Huskies. If you didn’t see it, you are not alone. This one was on opposite our game as part of ABC’s regional telecast. Only Pac 10 land got this feed. Four of their last five are at home, including Washington State this weekend.

2. Texas—still hasn’t played in a close game in the second half since Ohio State. Just as we all thought, Texas gave up yards but not points and easily avoided the Gameday curse. No real challenges until January for the Horns. However, we must continue crushing opponents and impressing voters. Next up: at Oklahoma State.

3. Va Tech—allowed Maryland to stay close for awhile before turning it on in the second half. Marcus Vick made some uncharacteristic mistakes in the first half. Disaster looms if the Hokies’ turnover woes continue in the upcoming weeks vs. Boston College and Miami.

4. Georgia—survived in Athens against the bad Arkansas Razorbacks. The health of QB DJ Shockley will determine the rest of the season. I don’t see Georgia beating Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech without him.

Tier 2—The Contenders
1. Alabama—proves that kickers matter. For the second straight week, the Crimson Tide win with a field goal. The road gets easier for Bama with Utah State and Mississippi State upcoming. The season ends with LSU and Auburn though. 9-2??

2. UCLA—won again at home. Am I the only one who isn’t taking this team seriously? Their rise in the polls will continue with games against Stanford and Arizona the next two weeks. Holiday Bowl anyone?

Tier 3—Need Help
1. 1 Loss Teams—Best one loss teams in order: Miami, LSU, Florida State, Boston College, Penn State, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

2. 2 Loss Teams—Notre Dame will likely grab an at-large BCS berth if they win out, and the computers don’t hold them back. Only one tough game remains against Tennessee in two weeks. Ohio State ran away from Indiana Saturday morning. The Big 10 is nuts but the Buckeyes should win the league if they win out.


No, most aren't taking UCLA seriously, which is a shame, because they have one of the best offenses in the country. I guess they will have to wait until the face USC to show whether or not they are for real. Apparently, when UCLA doesn't play well for a half and comes back at the end, it shows they are shaky, but when USC does it, it shows that they have heart. Hopefully, UCLA will go 10-0 and beat USC after the ref blew the game for them last year.
By the way, having watched every UCLA game, I can say that their defense is questionable, but I'm not so convinced about USC's defense either.
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