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Monday, October 24


Vince Young's Pro Future

This guest article is contributed by the authors of TripleOT, an all-sports blog that you can read here.

General pro scout consensus has our pride and joy, Vince Young, converting to a wide receiver when he enters the 2006 or 2007 pro draft (hopefully the latter, for Colt McCoy's sake). While this isn't something new (think Antwaan Randle-El, Matt Jones, or Hines Ward), it may come as a surprise to the Longhorn faithful.

As pro scouts look at Vince Young's performance through last year's Oklahoma State game, we can't really blame them for wanting to convert Young. Can any reader really remember a phenomenal pass or passing performance before the Oklahoma State comeback last year? Since then, however, Vince has been proving that he can do it through the air just as easily as he does it on the ground. Sure we know of Vince's great runs since then, especially the Kansas run and those ridiculous Michigan runs, but we now have some memories of Vince going through the air, such as his pass to Limas Sweed to win the Ohio State game. More importantly, the pro scouts now have memories of Young winning it with his arm, and that's going to help him immensely come draft day.

The way Vince is playing of late, NFL teams would be foolish not to breed him into a pro QB. Not to only compare black QBs with black QBs, but this was really the best comparison I could come with: Vince is showing the obvious physical gifts of Mike Vick, but the absolute grit and determination of Donovan McNabb. Is there any doubt that Vince Young could succeed in Atlanta's run-first offensive set right now? Heck, with the right talent around him, Vince Young could easily run a West Coast offense as successful as Steve Young – dropping back for a short pass but always threatening to take off towards the endzone. Regardless of what position Young is drafted, he has the critical factors that will lead him to success on Sundays – immeasurable physical talent and that drive that you can see in his eyes that leave other coaches awake at night. So enjoy it while you can Longhorn faithful, we're being graced here by rare talent.

I agree, but I think that if NFL coaches do try to keep him as a QB, they might try to mess with his throwing motion. While I think throwing overhand instead of somewhat sidearm would be better in terms of avoiding having the ball batted down, messing with his throwing style will make him uncomfortable, and I don't think he will be able to succeed if they do that to him.
Vince Young in not an NFL QB!!!!
I have to think there are at least 4 or 5 NFL teams right now that would rather have Vince Young than the warm body they have under center right now. The Jets, Bills and Dolphins come to mind (damn, AFC East QBs suck). QBs with much less talent have made careers in the NFL, even occasionaly starting. Vince's leadership and heart are unquestionable. I only hope he gets drafted by a coach who will develop him properly. Jeff Fisher would be fantastic.
"Vince Young in not an NFL QB!!!!
# posted by Anonymous"

You are correct. He still plays college ball. This segement speaks of the future. Not the now.

- Andrew # 5000

P.s. at least post a name. that way we can track the stupidity
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