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Monday, October 24


Longhorn Fan Rooting Guide, Week 9

Horns fans, it’s time to start our selective cheering, as the quest for a Rose Bowl berth gains focus. Up this week, a slew of games to take an active interest in:

Group One: Remaining Unbeatens
Root for STANFORD over UCLA

That last one may have you scratching your heads, but we’re on record saying we want a piece of USC. We’re not changing our tune now. Virginia Tech has an outside chance of passing Texas, so a loss from them against BC this week or Miami next week would be nice. The SEC teams have a tough hill to climb, as they aren’t likely to close the human voter gap enough to give Texas a scare. UCLA and USC cannot both remain undefeated, so we’re not too concerned there, either.

Group Two: Big 12 Madness
Root for TEXAS A&M over IOWA STATE

From here on out, we’ll basically be rooting for all the teams that Texas has beaten, or will play in the remaining games. Of particular interest to Horns fans should be Colorado and Texas Tech. If those two can finish strong, the Texas victories over those two teams will be worth more.

As painful as it is to root for the Aggies and Sooners, we've got bigger fish to fry this year, Horns fans. So sack up, swallow your pride, and do it. Then take a long, hot bath and scrub yourself clean of the filthiness you're feeling.

Group Three: Others
Root for RICE over UTEP

Horns fans need to pull hard for Ohio State to win out, as the higher they climb in the polls and BCS standings, the more the Texas victory bolsters the Horns resume. Next time you see a Buckeye fan, raise your Horns in the air, laugh uncontrollably, and then quietly say, "Hey, I hope you beat Minnesota this week."

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If you can find a sports bar outside of Ohio that encourages buckeye fans to watch games there (say in Raleigh, NC). It is a perfect spot to raise the horns and yell hook'em. If the buckeyes are losing. Sit down, grab a beer, and cheer for the other team. Look around, because there might actually be some hot Ohio St. girls ready to 'drop the zero and get with a hero'. Be prepared to throw said beer and run if the need arises.
Come on, y'all! Everyone (including me in my latest BlogPoll ballot) has Texas ranked No. 1 or No. 2 with a bullet; if the 'Horns keep winning, Virginia Tech has only a slim shot of catching Texas and no one else has any shot.

So why are you telling your loyal fans to do a foul, dirty, disgusting thing like root for Fl*r*d* to beat Georgia? Rooting against the Hokies makes a certain degree of sense, but there's no cause for sinking into the mire with the G*t*rs!

As a lifelong Bulldog fan, I have no qualms about admitting that, this year, Texas is better than Georgia. The Longhorns turned out to be as good as advertised and the 'Dawgs turned out to be better than expected. That's a win-win situation.

I am able to root in good conscience for an undefeated Texas to go to the Rose Bowl. Why can't y'all find it deep in the hearts of Texans to root for an undefeated Georgia to go to the Sugar Bowl?

Can't we all just get along? Remember what Winston Churchill said: "In victory, magnanimity." Longhorns fans have no cause for fear and, frankly, rooting against teams that cannot realistically overtake you is unbecoming and just plain bad form. I've known enough Texans in my day to know your mamas raised you better than that.

Rooting for that team from Gainesville . . . that just ain't right.
Hey Kyle,
Thank you for your elloquent point (versus anything we've gotten from USC fans). It's not that we dislike GA. It's that in the end of the year, we don't want to hear any whining about another SEC team being blocked out of the national championship game despite going undefeated. All of the talk surrounding the Pac 10 and Big 12 being weak this year has overshadowed the fact that there really aren't too many powerhouses out of the SEC this year either. Although I will say from top to bottom, it is a better conference, no team in the top of the SEC can compete with either SC or Texas. So we don't want any talk about what should have been, could have been for the SEC. For you, I will root for GA to beat Florida. But after that, all bets are off. I too despise all that Florida stands for. The school, the state, and all of the other programs within it's state lines. So GO BULLDOGS. Beat the Gators!! But after that, lose quick and get it over with.
"Next time you see a Buckeye fan, raise your Horns in the air, laugh uncontrollably, and then quietly say, "Hey, I hope you beat Minnesota this week."

well see you lucky son of a ******* next year...youll be laughing then when we shut up the whole state of texas and your stupid horns..
Kyle -

Also, don't forget that Georgia still has an excellent shot to go to the Sugar Bowl even with one loss. I'd still take them over any other SEC team...

Hell, even with 2 losses - I figure they should still beat UF this weekend and finally, mercifully, knock them out of the top 25... I hope - they'd waltz into the SEC championship. With Shockley back, UGA'll roll over Alabama (I'm not particularly impressed with the SEC this year, as I think most of the conference is way overrated, but Georgia does seem to be the real deal) into a Sugar Bowl.

True, it's always nice to be undefeated, but it does raise the spectre of once again having to deal with a massive whinefest around the country concerning the BCS, which has just gotten old to me (people, it's UNDERSTOOD you think the BCS sucks - THEY KNOW)
at least we're a blue state...

sorry world, we tried.

california and the rest of the educated minority
At least nobody takes us seriously because of all the damn hippies we have here.

Sorry world, we tried to get them to wash, but they just won't listen.

"At least we are a blue state"???? Go hire a psychiatrist. Maybe he can help with you being blue.

My thanks go out to Anonymous for meeting me halfway.

Rest assured, I am one Georgia fan who recognizes the large gap between Texas, Southern Cal, and Virginia Tech on the one hand and the rest of college football on the other.

Coming into this season, I thought the Bulldogs were looking at a rebuilding year, so I am nothing but pleased with the Red and Black's 7-0 record. If Georgia goes undefeated and ends up in the Sugar Bowl, I will be ecstatic; if Georgia doesn't go undefeated but wins the S.E.C. anyway, I will be more than pleased.

If the 'Dawgs finish without any losses, I will not be among those decrying the system because Texas and Southern Cal legitimately are better teams than Georgia this season.

Even if that were not the case, these facts remain true: Texas's big out of conference game was Ohio State in Columbus; Southern Cal's big out of conference game was Notre Dame in South Bend; Georgia's big out of conference game was Boise State in Athens.

You won't hear me whining like an Auburn fan if the Red and Black go 13-0 and are ranked second behind No. 1 Texas in the final poll. In fact, I'll sound a lot like a Longhorn fan prior to this year, pointing out that it says a lot about a program if it can consistently win ten games a year and finish in the top ten year in and year out.

Beyond that, being excluded from the title game (if Georgia makes it that far . . . which I doubt) would give our athletic director, Damon Evans, even more reason to continue doing what he is doing---namely, upgrading the Bulldogs' non-conference schedule.

Boise State turned out to be overrated, but the Broncos were a nice first step after years of opening the season against the likes of Arkansas State and New Mexico State. Between 2006 and 2014, Georgia has scheduled home-and-home series with Arizona State, Clemson, and Colorado.

If failing to play a big-time non-conference game outside the Southeast harms Georgia this season, that is all the more reason for Damon Evans to get on the phone with the athletic director at Michigan or Oklahoma or, well, heck, how 'bout Texas?

Georgia has come a long way from the dark days of the downcycle separating 1983 and 2002. The 'Dawgs are back among the national elite and it is time we started doing what the Longhorns did when they visited the Horseshoe: stake a claim to being the best by playing the best.

Hook 'em, 'Horns! Go 'Dawgs! How 'bout y'all come to Athens one year and we'll come to Austin the next. We'll leave the light on for ya.
You can't "whine like an Auburn fan" because UGA has nowhere near the team that Auburn had last year, and unlike Auburn last year, Georgia has no claim that they should compete for a national title. It is clearly obvious that at this point, SC and Texas should play that game regardless of who else might be undefeated. If you don't think Auburn would have given SC a better game than Oklahoma did then you are nuts.
Since Georgia won't overtake us, it would be great for them to win out. More BCS controversy is better in the long run. Let the SEC be shafted again. That can only help the push for a playoff.
Well, "nowhere near" is a bit of a stretch, but I will grant that Auburn had a better argument last year than Georgia would have this year.

Auburn also had a non-conference schedule that consisted of Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe, and The Citadel, as well as one win (10-9 over L.S.U.) that came on a freakish penalty that allowed the Plainsmen to have a second shot at a muffed extra point.

Let's not pretend that Auburn didn't doom itself with a woeful strength of schedule, let's not pretend that Auburn didn't luck out against L.S.U. and in the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech (where Frank Beamer made two or three of the worst kicking game calls of his entire career and thereby deprived the Hokies of a victory over the mighty Plainsmen), and let's not pretend that Auburn fans didn't do some first-class whining.

Sigh. And this conversation had been going so well until now . . . assuming, of course, that I've been dealing with the same "Anonymous" all this time. . . .
GIG 'Em Aggies
As always, I've appreciated the opportunity to kick some thoughts around with the fine folks from the Lone Star State. It was a lot of fun . . . until A*b*rn came up in conversation, which will ruin just about any good discussion.

Anyway, my expression of appreciation may be found in my latest posting at Kyle on Football, your home for all the news that's fit to print on goings-on in the Bulldog Nation.
Texas has slated UCLA for the 2008-2009 seasons after the 1 and 1 with Ohio State I believe. I am all for adding another quality opponent to the early schedule in replacement of ULaLa.
Georgia is every bit as good as Texas and USC this year! The UGA fans that post here obviously do not know the team very well and have bought into the media hype (ESPN - Corso, Herbstreet and others)

Texas hasn't played anybody worth a damn either. Ohio State has two losses in the weak Big 11 and should have lost to Penn State as well. Who else has Texas beaten? Oklahoma - yeah, they suck this year. Texas Tech - they would get beat by almost all the teams in the SEC. Who else worth anything has Texas played and who else do they play for the rest of the season. Having a big head for beating a mediocre Ohio State team is going to get you in trouble.

USC - They have played Notre Dame and that's it. They needed a miracle to win that game as well. Watch Tennessee beat ND in a couple of weeks, and you will understand my point. ND also lost to Mich St, who is very average. The Pac10 is the second weakest conference this year, beating only the Big12.

UGA can play with either UT or USC any day and has every right to complain if we are left out of the BCS Championship! I don't think USC or Texas are as good as Auburn was last year. Too bad we are stuck with media favorites UT and USC automatically due to their cupcake schedules.
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