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Monday, October 24


Weekend Picks Recap

It wasn’t a bad week of picks for ATL. Travis Richmond broke the bookies, going 5-1 against the spread. Andrew Wiggins struggled again, going 1-5 against the spread. Drew's poor record was surprising, however, as he went a perfect 9-for-9 in the ESPN College Pick ‘Em league. Guest contributor Michael Holt went 3-3 against the spread, while guest contributr Alex Ernst (1st place in the Pick ‘Em league) went 4-2. Peter Bean went 3-3, and the consensus picks broke even as well, also at 3-3. The ATL Mortal Lock of the Week, Texas -16.5 over Tech, was an easy win. Texas is now 7-0 against the spread on the year.

In my weak defense, I had A&M and Alabama winning. No one else had both of those. However, both missed covering by 1. A weak defense, but a defense.
9-for-9 on the Pick 'Em entry is defense enough...

PB :)

#1 in the BCS THIS WEEK!
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