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Tuesday, October 25


Texas Quarterback Name Game

In honor of incoming quarterback Colt McCoy, as well as former quarterback legend Major Applewhite, it’s time to have a Texas quarterback naming contest. It’s pretty tough to beat Colt McCoy, but we’ll throw out a few nominations of our own and invite you to offer your own.

Texas quarterbacks we’d like to see:

Whip McGee
Clayton Bronco
Buddy Winchester
Hoot McCormick
Chris Simms
Davey Sergeant
Bucky Cartwright
Irwin M. Fletcher (we wish)

Hercules Rockefeller or Max Powers

maybe they'll date the head cheerleader, Chesty LaRue
Justin Gunslinger or maybe Clayton Williams. Clayton could tell the fans to "Just lay back and enjoy"

Of those listed, I would go with Whip McGee.

Here are some of mine (some stolen, some original):

Shooter McGavin
Hunter St. James
Clint Calhoun
Doc Olson
Tex Texingham
Johnny Steel
Texasundaram Bevoswaminathan

An Indian guy can dream...
How I'd love to see Tex Schram IV
My real question is will Brent refer to Colt McCoy as "the Colt" like he did "the Major".
You know there will be endless references to "Colt steering the 'Horns (to victory)" Or some sort of "Colt 45"
Ron Mexico.

oh wait. already taken...
Nice Fletch reference.

But, seriously, I'm so fucking sick of the Chris Simms-bashing on this site.

Good QB names:
Duke Nailer
Catapult Ramsey
Gunner Deadman
Chuck Driver
John Bighorn
Ely Crowder

What kind of a name is Poon?
Comanche Indian
"Harry S. Truman"

"Dropped the big one."

"Dropped TWO big ones!"
Cannon McWilliams.

This is a real one; led McCamey to the Class 1A quarterfinals last year. He's named after his grandpappy, LSU Heisman-winner Billy Cannon.
May I suggest CHUCK STEAK.
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