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Monday, October 31


BCS Rankings Halloween

Texas dropped to number 2 in this week's BCS rankings but is still solidly in front of Virginia Tech. As we all know, if the season were to end today, Texas would be in the Rose Bowl. As long as Texas keeps winning it will be very difficult for Virginia Tech to leapfrog the Horns.

--The computers still love the Horns. Texas is ranked first in all six computers.
--USC and Virginia Tech have the same computer strength.
--Penn State is ranked fifth by the computers but tenth and eleventh in the polls.
--Notre Dame is moving closer to a BCS berth as the 14th ranked team this week, up another place from last week.
--Four Big 12 teams are now ranked in the BCS with Colorado at 22 and Oklahoma at 25.


Just a thought: How many USC "fans" do you think there will be wearing UCLA gear under their SC clothes on Dec. 3rd "just in case"?

To VT fans,
this will be different after this weekend, but look at the teams you've beaten, 17 and 19 in the BCS. Texas however has beated number 10 on the road, as well as 15, 22, and 25 handily. So until you DO run the table, quit giving Texas shit for strength of schedules.
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