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Friday, October 28


Texas BBall Preseason # 3

The 2005-2006 Texas Longhorns men's basketball team opened as the third ranked team in the first ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll. Duke sits atop the poll followed by UConn. The Blue Devils received 28 of 31 first place votes. Texas picked up two first place votes with Villanova snagging the other. The Horns play Duke on December 10th in New Jersey and Villanova on January 14th in Austin.

Texas opens the season with an exhibition game against St. Mary's on November 2nd at 7 PM. First regular season game is November 15th against Southern in the Guardians Classic in Austin.

My season tickets just arrived!!


Where are your season ticket seats? Are they good ones? Jimmer
I'm surprised UConn is ranked so high considering that 2 of their players are not definite (unless that has changed recently). Does anyone know the status of those 2 players caught doing whatever it was (laptopgate?)?
Good observation about UConn. Marcus Williams is out until at least January and Price is proably out for the whole year. The Huskies are still loaded with Gay, Anderson, Brown, and Josh Boone down low.
Off topic, but do you know what I think we need on this blog today? More Chris Simms bashing! So, in honor of J Mayer, I present this from Bill Simmons' weekly NFL picks column
NINERS (+11) over Bucs
This wins the award for "most ridiculous spread of the year." You will see a WNBA star come out of the closet before you see Chris Simms favored by double digits in an NFL game again. All right, bad example.

You can read it all here, in case you care. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/051028

Happy Friday, folks.

- Eric
For the love, the Chris Simms bashing is just uncalled for. I mean, what's he ever done to us? Oh right, he broke my poor little heart.

ANYHOW, if any of you readers have Dish Network, the UT/OSU game this weekend will be on TBS, which means it'll be on six different channels (one per camera) as well as channel 100 which has six different camera views. This is good stuff ladies and gentelmen. We are truly living the dream, and the dream is six screens on one.
Six shots crammed into one tv, even my 37 in, is still too small. Most of the time those shots are not even looking at the action. I was a little dissapointed in the channel 100 game watching experience.
I've said it before. If you haven't already, you folks need to get over to tripleot.blogspot.com. Very entertaining blog. I don't know if it's one guy or a "group of writers" as it says on the site, but just because of the below post alone I'm in love. Hetero man love. Not the Tom Cruise kind of man love.


- Eric
The Trot thanks Eric. We are actually a group of writers. The Trot also would like to return much man hugs and thug love to Eric.
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