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Monday, October 31


ATL Top 25

1. Texas (Barely. Another slip and we’re bumping USC back up)
2. Southern Cal (If defensive improvement sticks, look out)
3. Virginia Tech (Will get their chance to make a case this Saturday vs Miami)
4. Alabama (Utah. State. Shrug.)
5. Miami (The running game is there. The passing is not.)
6. LSU (This team mystifies us)
7. UCLA (Yikes. They keep playing with fire. USC won’t be so kind)
8. Ohio State (Starting to really roll. The offense is clicking)
9. Florida State (Still looking for consistency)
10. Georgia (Shockley loss is so unfortunate; tough, tough break)
11. Notre Dame (Creeping closer to a BCS bowl)
12. Penn State (What a turnaround for Joe Pa)
13. Wisconsin (Calhoun just another great Badger runner)
14. Oregon (Steadily improving)
15. TCU (Our token mid-major vote)
16. Florida (Would not have beaten UGA with Shockley)
17. West Virginia (I guess)
18. Boston College (Not up for VT’s defense)
19. Texas Tech (Decent win against Baylor)
20. California (They don’t look like they can beat USC)
21. Fresno State (Could they challenge USC? No)
22. Auburn (They're going to be good next year)
23. Michigan (Wolverine fans must be frustrated with this team)
24. Colorado (They’re not bad. They’re not good.)
25. Georgia Tech (See: Colorado)

This Saturday: VT's biggest game of the season, hands down.

The Hokies will put an end to all doubt as the ACC's best.
Being from Texas, u guys need to put UTEP in your top 25. If u guys TCU is 15, then I don't see why UTEP can't be at #25, ahead of Chan Gailey coached Ga Tech.
Probably because the folks who run this site aren't total homers. And UTEP sucks (although I bet they could beat A&M). And why so hard to type out y-o-u? Did you forget how to spell it?
- Eric
I know you guys are homers, but come on, OSU over PSU?
Ohio State would have beaten PSU in Columbus. Williams is out for the year. It's not just homer-ism. OSU's a touch better right now, in our minds.
how is the ATL top 25 decided? votes b/n the three of y'all?
We circulate a draft via email, then make our cases for any changes we want made. We don't agonize over it too much, though we take it seriously.
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