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Tuesday, November 1


Thank you, readers

Fanblogs.com just thanked their readers for visiting the site in droves—over 300,000 visitors in October, and 1,000,000 page views. That’s a lot of traffic, and it’s not surprising; they do a great job over at Fanblogs. Well, we hit a milestone of our own here at All Things Longhorn. Today we crept over 50,000 visitors to this site, a number we’re proud to have reached. Especially pleasing is the rapid growth, as over 30,000 of those visits came in October alone. Thanks to everyone who’s coming by the site, and especially to those who are joining in the discussions by leaving comments. As we prepare to migrate to our new site, we’re excited to be bringing so many of you along with us. A heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Y'all are doing great! Keep bringing it. This is my #1 stop for 'Horns news.
even though I am all USC, this site has great and sometimes interesting discussions, and is run better than most other blogs. Keep up the good work guys. Jo_Blo
Thank you both, Kevin and Jo_Blo
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