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Wednesday, November 2


Week 10 Picks: Experts Edition

This week, we’ve hired some help to set the table for this weekend’s games. Specifically, we’ve brought in some of the sharpest minds from the college football blogosphere to weigh in on the week’s toughest games. Joining ATL for the week’s picks are the authors from Heisman Pundit (HP), Boi From Troy (BFT), MGoBlog (MGB), and Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer (RJYH). Some of the comments are thoughtful, some humorous. Enjoy and happy betting this weekend.

Top BCS Threat Game
BlogMiami +6 @ Virginia TechPick
ATLOne step closer to chaos. Texas fans start to sweatVa Tech
HPGame should be close for a couple quarters, but then the crowd noise and the pressure of the situation will cause the ‘Canes to collapse under the accumulated weight of it all. The Hokies, my #2 team in the country, will win going away and cover easily.Va Tech
BFTVick is too slick for ‘Canes defense.Va Tech
MGBVirginia Tech is the Wayne Brady of college football. Does Virginia Tech have to choke a ‘Cane? Yessir.Va Tech
RJYHVT wins but doesn't beat the spread.Miami
4 votes to 1
Va Tech

Top Laugh At Your Rivals’ Struggles Game
BlogTexas A&M +16.5 @ Texas TechPick
ATLSee Nebraska’s visit to Lubbock last season. This one gets ugly.TX Tech
HPFor some reason, Texas A&M seems to have the athletes to play with Tech’s scheme. Last year, the Aggies beat the Red Raiders and, while I don’t think they’ll win this time, I do think that A&M will cover the 16.5 point spread as Franchione is in a survival game.A&M
BFTThe only ATM game I watched was against Baylor, so I’ll go for the Red Raiders here.TX Tech
MGB6-0 in the fourth quarter against Baylor or 49 points to ISU? Dunno. This spread is too big, though.A&M
RJYHWow. What has happened to Fran? Wasn't he supposed to be genius? Take Tech and give the points, with 14 to spare.TX Tech
3 votes to 2
TX Tech

Top Coaches Going in Opposite Directions Game
BlogTennessee +8 @ Notre DamePick
ATLCoaching 101: Do not rotate QBs.ND
HPOnce again, we’ll see how a talented defense that is unfamiliar with sophisticated offensive schemes can be made to look really silly. Notre Dame should cover this spread with ease. Tennessee is the Michigan of the SEC—great talent, lousy coaching, ignorant fans. All three will be on display in South Bend.ND
BFTOMG Brady Quinn is so hot.ND
MGBAlert local chili cheese fries! They are in grave danger! So is Brady Quinn. That Mahelona guy is worth at least a cover.TN
RJYHI think this will be a close one, then ND will win it. Maybe the Vols will even fumble on the goal line at the end; they're good at that.TN
3 votes to 2

Top How Seriously Do You Take Baylor Game
BlogTexas -28 @ BaylorPick
ATLHorns look at VT in rear view mirror and go full throttle. Look out, Baylor.Texas
HPBaylor is one of the most improved teams in the country. They could have beaten Oklahoma and Texas A&M. They are especially stout on defense and I think that the Longhorns will fail to cover for the second week in a row.Baylor
BFTWe’ll see if Baylor has gotten better or if the Big XII has gotten worse. Y’all tell me it’s the former so I am going with the Bears to cover.Baylor
MGBNot very.Texas
RJYHI think Baylor leads at the end of one, then the Horns go on to win by at least 4000 points. Vince Young is that good.Texas
3 votes to 2

Top Mismatch Game
BlogStanford +33.5 @ USCPick
ATLBlowing a 21 point lead with 8 minutes left is grounds for firing. Stanford is a disgrace.USC
HPI believe this is less of a mismatch than the Texas-Baylor game, but the spread doesn’t bear it out. Stanford has a very sound scheme and will be able to move the ball some. USC is averaging over 700 yards of offense per game at home this year and should approach that level again, but won’t cover the spread.Stanford
BFTStanford is better than most of you think—and it’s hard for the Trojans to win by 5 TDs every week like Vegas is asking. Bet the Farm.Stanford
MGBI have no idea. When in doubt, do not pick teams that lost to UC-Davis.USC
RJYHI won't be able to watch this game because the V-chip in my TV blocks out extreme violence. Someone let me know if there are any survivors on the
Cardinal side. I'll be praying for them.
3 votes to 2

Top Try To Figure Out The Pac 10 Game
BlogUCLA -9.5 @ ArizonaPick
ATLArizona in a stunner. Sorry BFT, your Bruins are a BFJ.Arizona
HPWhat usually happens after a new quarterback’s stellar debut is that the wheels come off shortly after. This should happen to Tuitama of Arizona against UCLA, leading to a rare breather of a week for the Bruins. UCLA covers solidly.UCLA
BFTNot hard to figure. UCLA spots opponents 28 points in fourth quarter this week, but eeks out a win.Arizona
MGBSince UCLA will be behind by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and still win a cover seems unlikely.Arizona
RJYHUCLA is on a roll. And they will keep rolling, by more than 2 TDs.UCLA
3 votes to 2

Top Who Wants the Big 10 Game
BlogWisconsin +10.5 @ Penn StatePick
ATLBadgers score enough to keep it close.Wisconsin
HPHappy Valley is too tough of a place for Wisconsin to win. The Badgers are fairly one-dimensional, which plays into Penn State’s hands. Badgers cover, but lose.Wisconsin
BFTWisconsin running game badgers Lions. On Wisconsin!Wisconsin
MGBIsn't this a ginormous line for this game? Is Penn State really more than a touchdown and a field goal better than a UW team that has freakin' Calhoun?Wisconsin (to win!)
RJYHMan this is tough. Wisconsin may win but not by 10 points. Maybe not even at all. Badgers in a squeaker.Wisconsin
Experts’ Lock Of The Week! 5 votes to 0

If Tech can shut Baylor out, so can we....Texas is a lock to cover 28 points
OK, this is ridiculous.

Wisconsin a lock? I don't think so. Lets take a very rudamentary approach to this.

Penn State has explosive running offense. Wisconsin has very poor defense and a banged up front seven.

Wisconsin can't stop a running QB - witnessed three times this season thus far.

Wisconsin has a suspect secondary. Penn State gets the big play through the air.

Wisconsin has a great running game. Penn State has a great running defense.

The game is in an electrified happy valley.

Who are these so called "experts" and what sort of crack have they been smoking?

There is a reason why Penn State is picked by ten. none of the matchups fallin wisconsin's favor. Poor picks fellas. poor picks.
A tough crowd here on Hblog. First off thanks for the guest picks, i know personally that it's not easy to lay your picks (against the spread) out for public scrutiny. Going 50% is a nice showing.
The picks of the week are probably my favorite posts on this blog. Mostly because I like gambling a little on college football (for fun not profit), because I love watching any game on TV and having money on it just makes me that much more into the game b/c I have to pick a team to root for. I would actually appreciate a post that somehow people would talk about what games they have picked for the weekend and how much they bet or at least their confidence level. Maybe that's just me.
RJYH - your comment about Wisconsin is confusing. I am also surprised that the Wisconsin game was Hblog's Mortal lock. I am staying away from that game this weekend fo' sho. I would have to say that Texas is a much better game to put money on just based on recent history.
Holt - glad that you like these picks. We do too, even when we suck. Also, much, much love to Brain of MGoBlog for helping me get the picks in to reader-friendly tables. Brian is not only a good writer, but a friendly co-blogger. Stand up guy. Read his shit daily. I mean it - you'll be smarter for doing so.

I knew those tables looked strikingly familier to his blog. Peter you hack.
Well, I sent him the CSS...
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