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Thursday, November 3


Remarkable Vince Young Stat of the Day

36: the number of strides taken from the time he crossed the line of scrimmage to the time he crossed the end zone for Saturday night's 80 yard touchdown run.

Gazelle, indeed.

Thats 6 2/3 feet a stride.
pretty impressive, but try and do an angular calculation for every time reggie bush changes directions and breaks someone's ankles. You might be equally or more impressed.
I was wondering when the first USC troll would say something like that.
If you want an even more impressive number than the Reggie Bush one, subsitute Maurice Drew's name in there.
If I were a 6'5" gazell, I could do that too. But I'm not. So I can't.

-Reggie Bush
If I knew how to play football I could cut back like Reggie Bush too, but I don't, so I can't.
Hey, that's pretty funny. I wonder how you thought of that one... Oh wait... Dumb ass.
The know how to play football one was frickin hilarious
Dammit, this is the "Horns Blog", not the "Lets Suck USC's Cock Blog".
There has to be a joke about that previous comment and our Boi from Troy...
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