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Monday, November 7


ATL Top 25

1. Texas (Horns had something to prove on Saturday. Poor Bears should have ducked.)
2. Southern Cal (Another 30 point win for Trojans. Fresno State won’t roll over, though)
3. Alabama (Tide keep winning with suffocating defense.)
4. Miami (How about an Alabama-Miami BCS game? Would anyone score?)
5. Penn State (More stifling defense. The top 10 is loaded with great defense.)
6. Georgia (Shockley injury is disappointing. This team is excellent.)
7. Ohio State (Ginn, Jr. is finally playing well, which is a huge boost to offense)
8. Notre Dame (Smardzjidzjzdijaza is a beast.)
9. LSU (Still coached by Les Miles, or would be ranked higher.)
10. Virginia Tech (Still a very strong team, but weaknesses exposed.)
11. Oregon (They just keep getting better.)
12. TCU (Did they have to lose to SMU?)
13. Florida (Fortunate to beat an improved Vandy team.)
14. West Virginia (The Big East shouldn’t get an automatic BCS bid.)
15. Texas Tech (It’s time they get some respect. Rolling all non-Longhorn Big 12 opponents.)
16. UCLA (Oops.)
17. Fresno State (They won’t be a cupcake for Trojans.)
18. Auburn (Another team on the rise.)
19. Colorado (Better than most realize.)
20. Florida State (This team has serious weaknesses.)
21. Michigan (Looking like Ohio State last year; coming on strong—too late)
22. Louisville (See: West Virginia)
23. Wisconsin (Hey, Brooks Bollinger had a decent weekend.
24. South Carolina (Welcome back, Ball Coach)
25. Oklahoma (DNP; Young team showing signs of improvement.)

Just missed:
Georgia Tech
Boise State


Yes, everybody knows Fresno State is a "trap" game for USC... In fact, they've said it so long and so often that it won't be much of a trap at all.

I would be more worried about visiting Strawberry Canyon on Saturday.
USC should win; just noting that Fresno State is no cupcake. They're a quality opponent.
Finally some love for my hometown Miners. UTEP should crack the top 25 after their "scrimmage" this Saturday against Texas Southern.
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