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Saturday, November 5


Closure.... finally

I live in ACC country, so I've had to hear the crowing all year long. Now, Virgina Tech is a very strong football team, but the've had nothing on us. They faced their first test--at home, no less--and lost. The Horns have everything in their hands now. Win and they go to the ROSE BOWL. Lose and we can debate the magnitude of the choke.

Tonight is a great, great, night. I can't tell you how annoying it is to live in ACC country and hear all the homers suggest that Virginia Tech is as good as Texas. Should Texas win out, we'll find out whether or not we're USC's equal, but at least we can finally say, once and for all, that the Virgina Tech BS Bandwogan is wrecked.

Good guys: 62

Bad guys: 0

Whether or not we beat USC, should we get there, this is a magical team.

Hook 'Em Horns

Quick quote:
Mack Brown on today's win over Baylor: "The message is we are one of the top two teams in the country. We won by 62, and that's without running it up."
yes...VY passing in the 4th Q...hmmmm....
Congratulations! Baylor is a halfway decent team and the Longhorns destroyed them, which will be reflected on the ballot of this BlogPollster.

Now that Virginia Tech and U.C.L.A. are out of the way, I'll make a deal with you . . . y'all pull for Georgia the rest of the way and the 'Dawgs will do their best to take 'Bama out of your way in the S.E.C. championship game.

The other alternative would be for Florida to get the rematch with the Tide and, after the Gators needed double-overtime and some very questionable officiating to get by Vanderbilt in the Swamp, it's hard to imagine they'd be able to beat a 'Bama team that throttled them 31-3 the first time.

Accordingly, I hope to see Georgia over Auburn on next week's "Longhorn rooting guide."
How bout them Hokies! VT should really be ranked above Texas, better schedule, better QB, better D... Oh, and did I bring up that 20 point loss at home to Big East superpower Miami. I love how the East coast pretends to play football, its kinda cute. They talk big until their a#@ is handed to them by a one loss pretender. Where are the VT sh#t talkers... Its a little silent now. Can't you hear them... "We should be #2!!" Yeah, sure you should, and Vick is a Heisman frontrunner! Get ready USC the Burnt Orange is on its way to Cali! Hook Em
the cardinal and gold will be waiting for you in pasadena, and bring your a-game because USC is locked in on a three-peat. Long live the mighty Trojans
As everyone has said, everything that could have gone right for the Horns today did. Let's recap:

I wake up at 7am to watch the Horns spank Baylor. I don't need to say anything, do I. I just hope that Texas doesn't overlook an excellent Kansas defense next week. KU will be fighting for their bowl future, so we'd better be on our game or it will be much harder than we'd like.

Texas Tech beats the crap out of A&M. That was only a formality, but I'm looking forward to the 77-0 Texas blowout at Kyle Field on Nov 26th. I LOVE watching that team suffer (for personal reasons), almost as much as Oklahoma.

If there's one thing I learned tonight, it is that Miami may be the nation's 3rd best team (that's a toss up). They have the best secondary in the nation and if they could ever move the ball, that team would be downright scary. I think their offense (although still not good enough to compete with Texas or USC) is improved enough to win a rematch with FSU for the ACC title.

Vick looked like he was still in high school, not in the running for the Heisman (which he never really was in anyway). That being said, VT can settle for being #3 in the ACC instead of #3 in the national polls. We'll see if Vick remembers to tuck the ball when he runs in the future. (Take notes, Virginia)

Let's move on the Alabama, shall we. This team also boasts an excellent defense, but couldn't score an offensive TD against Miss State. I think that says enough about their struggles since pounding UF (and losing Prothro). Is Alabama a national championship contender with current weapons on hand........Nope. I do hope Prothro recovers and resumes his career, that was a horiffic injury (as we all know). There's not a chance in hell they survive their last 2-3 games (if they make the SEC championship game).

I said UCLA would lose soon, but I didn't think they'd get spanked by Arizona!!! That's gotta be the suprise of the day. They deserve to be dropped from the Top 25 for that pathetic performance.

USC's 3 week walk in the park is over, it's time for the meat in their schedule. Problem is, these teams don't have to defense necessary to stop the Trojans, therefore, they will finish unbeaten and we'll get a piece of them in Pasadena. Then and only then will we find out if we belong on the same football field with USC. Until then, we can just argue about it.

Now if I could only get off this rock and get there on Jan 4th, then life will be all good.

Hook 'Em
It is with heavy heart that I admit that UCLA was living on borrowed time. But considering the last 2 seasons, I was hopeful that maybe they were actually going to find a way to be undefeated going into the SC game. I'm just glad that they will finish above .500 this year. Well, all I can hope for is a 10-1 record, and a BCS Bowl Berth...but enough about UCLA. I'm glad that my other alma mater crushed Baylor and showed that is truly one of the top 2 teams in the nation. On top of the VA Tech beatdown, I just hope no one is stupid enough to give credit to Alabama (who will probably lose to LSU and settle this whole debate anyway). I just hope that Texas doesn't get overconfident now that they are all but assured a Rose Bowl berth.
UT better not go into cruise control the rest of the way. UT has everything to lose and nothing to gain in these last few games before the Rose Bowl. That means, don't lose to rival A&M and don't lose in the Big 12 Title game like Oklahoma did 2 years ago. Don't jack around or u guys will ruin what can potentially be the greatest National Championship game matchup ever. We here at USC...will be waiting.

That has got to be the nicest comment i have ever heard from a trojan. thanks Dario!
I'd be the first to say that's the game I want to see. The Rose Bowl scoreboard operator is going to get quite a workout.
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