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Monday, November 7


BCS Prediction

Both the Harris and Coaches Polls are already out as is one of the six computer rankings. Given this data and a few educated computer guesses, here is my prediction for what the BCS rankings will look like on Monday afternoon.

1. USC 0.9835
2. Texas 0.9765
3. Alabama 0.8948
4. Miami 0.8639
5. Penn St. 0.8036
6. LSU 0.7587

Beyond that my crystal ball goes a little cloudy. My confidence in these are not high but I thought I would take a shot. Feel free to laugh hysterically later today if these are way off.

Slightly off topics and not that it matters that much any more, but why does the big 12 get no respect. Colorado, who has lost to #2 and #3, and played a better game than VT at Miami, cant break the top 20 after beating Missouri easily and Oklahoma cant even get above BC in the others recieving votes catigory when BC losses to UNC.
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