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Monday, November 7


Weekend Picks Review

Joining ATL for last week’s picks were the authors from Heisman Pundit (HP), Boi From Troy (BFT), MGoBlog (MGB), and Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer (RJYH). The experts consensus picks fared reasonably well, going 4-3 against the spread. The individual records of the picks were:

Under Review: “Experts’ Picks”

The consensus pick of Wisconsin was notably awful. Penn State absolutely stifled Wisconsin’s rushing attack; the game was no contest. At ATL, we correctly picked an Arizona win, Texas and Texas Tech blowout wins, and Notre Dame to handle Tennessee comfortably. We were wrong about Wisconsin, we thought USC would cover, and we picked Virgina Tech to win at home. We were especially pleased to be wrong on that last one.

It seems I was able to get my Pac Ten and Notre Dame...
A couple of things:
1. Why did you let BFT make pics? F that guy.
2. I have to say I told you so about the Wisconsin pick and that I also said the Texas game was a much better lock.
3. Although I went 3-3 in my hblog picks I have been nailing some bets this year. I went 100% this weekend on straight up bets - had Miami moneyline +230 and got the TTech A&M game 2 weeks ago at 12.5. If anyone is serious about betting on football this year, i would love to exchange thoughts. Newby were you at?
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