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Monday, November 7


USC fans really are dumb

Hey, a theme for the day is emerging! USC fans are really dumb. We’ve already exposed BFT for what he is (a BFJ), but I stumbled into more dumb USC writing and, well, I’m feeling rather snarky today.

Our latest example of Trojan stupidity comes from Crazy Trojan Musings. It’s just another USC homer site, which we don’t have any problem with, but he picked a fight with us in
this post about our Longhorn Fan Rooting Guide.

Writes Crazy Trojan:

Is this serious? Do Longhorns fans really need to be told which teams to root for? They even advocate rooting for the Sooners and the Aggies because it will improve Texas' schedule strength. That's just sad.

As long as polls play a role in determining the national champion of Div. 1 college football, no team is in complete control of its destiny. What's the use in getting worked up over the results of games across the country over which your team has absolutely no influence. It's simple for USC fans; we root for the Trojans . . . and whoever is playing UCLA.

Okay, where to start? What is the goal of the USC football team every year? I would suggest that it is to win a national championship. Certainly, that’s the goal we have here in Texas.

And, as you point out, there are polls involved in determining which teams get to actually play for said national championship. More to the point, there are lots of factors that go into the equation of who gets to play. And a notable chunk of it has to do with how your opponents fare in their other games.

Now, we could take your advice and simply root against Oklahoma and Texas A&M, even if it’s in direct conflict with our stated goal of, you know, playing for the national champsionship. Maybe Auburn fans were delighted last year when their rivals, Alabama, struggled much of the year. More likely, though, they were pissed as hell that their football team was on the outside of the title game looking in.

We’re not brain dead here in Texas (though you appear to be dangerously close). We’ll root for whatever helps Texas get to the title game. You just keep rooting against the Bruins and hope that UCLA doesn't keep USC out of the title game one year.


Some fans definitely need a rooting guide. Let's take a trip back to the Big 12 title game of 2003...

If OU wins, they play for the National Championship and Texas gets a BCS invite.

If K-State wins, Texas fans get the satisfaction of OU not playing for the title and Texas does not get a BCS invite since no more than 2 teams from the same conference get to play in BCS games.

I know I was very conflicted.

It turned out to be a total lose-lose for Texas: OU still played for the national championship, K-State went to a BCS game and we played in an uninspired Holiday Bowl.

So yes, sometimes if you want what's best for your team, you have to want your rivals to win. You cant just root blindly these days.
Ah, this is nice...as a fan of both UCLA and Texas, you always dream of the day that everyone realizes the idiocy of USC fans...and now fans of both of my schools are aware. It's the only thing that keeps me happy after the Tucson Massacre this weekend.
By the way, I know this isn't football related, but I thought I would mention that former Longhorn Huston Street is AL Rookie of the Year...

At least Texas doesn't have to look over their shoulders anymore and root for their opponents anymore after this weekend. Kudos for keeping up a good blog, Nothing better than another person's meaningful insight.
Cheers, and thanks for providing the first link (that I know of) to my blog!

If your rivalries with A&M and OU are as fanatical as they are portrayed, I just don't see how you can stomach rooting for them. I don't see a real UCLA fan ever rooting for the Trojans. Maybe it has something to do with being separated by less than 10 miles.

I get the sense that I have a longer-term outlook on my team's success. If the team takes care of what's under their control, the championships will come, over . . . and over . . . and over again. That strategy has certainly worked for the Trojans.

Best of luck against Kansas.
Yeah, but Geoge Bush is from Texas!!!
Burn. That guy above just owned ATL.

Probably time to shut her down, guys.

Had he spelled George correctly, the internet wouldve melted from that zinger.
No doubt.

By the way, George Bush (and I also believe Geoge Bush) did not attend the University of Texas.

Plus, you had OJ.
USC fans root for USC and whoever is playing UCLA because thats all we care about and thats all that matters. USC's goal every year is to win all their games and win a national title...simple. It isn't to lose a game or two and then start a lame rooting guide.See, unlike USC, Texas has had trouble finishing business on the football field over the past few years, so they have to root for other teams to lose, just so they can get an open door to a BCS birth. A perfect example is Oklahoma's ownership over Texas for the past 5 seasons or so...Texas can't even win its own conference so they have to pray other teams lose. And when they aren't doing that, Texans and Mack Brown are begging voters to let them in. Pretty damn pathetic if you ask me. Note to Texas, finish your business on the field and let your play speak for itself. So far you have done it this year...if Texas is that good, then you all have nothing to worry about. USC did that in 2003 and was crowned national champions by the AP and didn't even play in the BCS title game. Did they root for LSU or Oklahoma...NO, instead they fucked up Michigan and took the Rose Bowl. Now thats an example of not rooting for anyone but yourself and letting the people decide who is number 1. So yeah, go ahead and root for whatever gets you to the title game, but if you are going to do that make sure to add Mack Brown cock-sucking to the guide because you might have to root for that too. Take some notes from USC because ,after all,they have been the most dominant machine in college football over the past 3 seasons.
I'm getting tired of the horse shit about Mack Brown begging voters. If I remember correctly that was a freaking awesome game and anyone who actually watched the game, as opposed to sucking the SC cock or any other random cock you people suck, really appreciated a well matched and exciting Rose Bowl. We got fucked the year before and I don't remember the sports world bitching about our missed opportunity.
Make sure to delete that post from Swell above me. They tried to spam half a dozen posts on our site as well. We already reported the IP to Verizon and blocked them from commenting on our site. Can you find a commenter's IP's with blogger?

If so, let me know and we'll compare the IP's and I'll give you Verizon's info.
I'll be honest, I was rooting for fUCLA to be 10-0 when we played them at home, because that would have made a crushing victory that much sweeter. That said, since they did lose, I'm glad that got blown out.

I was rooting for OU to be undefeated until they hit UT, (I'm a longhorn by birth, Trojan by alma mater) but after they lost to UCLA, i just wanted them to lose as many games as possible.

I actually wanted the stadium of the OU UCLA game to implode, and have both teams lose, but that wouldn't have worked out. I hate matchups like that.

UT's rooting guide though does strike ma as a little superflous. And rooting for your archrivals does twist the stomach. I know I always root for OU to lose, always root for fUCLA to lose, always root for Notre Dame to lose, and always root for the Yankees to lose. If the team wins out, and schedules decent games OOC (like USV v ND, and UT v OSU) things end up working well.
USC fans, unlike Texas fans, have been there before. Fans expect USC to be there are the end game, so they don't worry too much about all that BCS jazz...leave that for LESSER teams, eh?
Been WHERE before?

Rose Bowl? Been there, done that, won the game.

National Championships? Been there, done that, in multiple sports. And will probably do it in multiple sports in the same year for the first time ever.

Fine, USC has been good for 3 years. By the time Vince graduates next year, UT's dominance will be very similar.

No disrespect to USC. They are a great team, and have some amazing athletes. But don't think for a minute that UT fans are any less comfortable with having a team at the top of the rankings. We expect every one of our teams to be #1 in every sport we compete in.
So much for living up to your expectations.
Does anyone believe hiring coaches from the NFL is cheating or a form of cheating. Pete, coach of USC was a former Pats coach. No wonder USC has a great system. I think hiring NFL coaches should be banned by the NCAA. But hey, if the Longhorns beat USC it will only prove how freaking good we were. It takes a Longhorn to break a trojan.
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