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Monday, November 7


100 Percent Dominant

The Texas Longhorns 2005 season is brought to you by the number 100.

*This year’s Red River Rivalry was the 100th meeting between Texas and Oklahoma, and another stop on the Texas Pasadena-bound train. The victory snapped a five year dry spell for the Horns.

*Since D’Juan Woods deflected TD catch that put Oklahoma State up 28-9, Texas has gone absolutely berserk, outscoring the Cowboys and Bears 100-0. Wow.

*Texas has had six 100+ yard rushing days. Jamaal Charles (3 times), Vince Young (2), and Ramonce Taylor have all broken the century mark in rushing this season.

*Texas has allowed only one opponent to have a 100 yard rushing day—Mike Hamilton of OSU.

*Texas is the only team to score half of a hundred points or more in five games this season.

*The most important 100 of all, of course, is the percent chance that Texas will make the Rose Bowl if they win out.


So, before you guys at ATL criticize someone for not knowing their facts, check your 5th point. USC racked up 63 against Hawaii, 70 against Arkansas, 51 against Stanford, 51 against Washington, and 55 against Washington state. That seems like 5 games over 50 points to me.
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