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Friday, March 25


Are you paying attention?

Yesterday’s predictions were, not surprisingly, off target. I thought Oklahoma State would win if they got to 75 points; they did, and lost. Predicting the Illinois win doesn’t deserve any credit. I touted the Big 12 and Texas Tech; another loss. I was too chicken shit to make a call on the Louisville-Washington game, only suggesting it could be a classic. Louisville romped. So… are we learning something here? Read my predictions for tonight’s games, pull out your check book, make a call to your bookie, and bet against my predictions. Without further adieu:

North Carolina gets a red hot Villanova team tonight, and while the Heels have the talent to blow anyone out, it’s not happening tonight. I like Villanova to keep it close, but fall short of the upset. The Heels move on, but don’t cover.

Wisconsin battles the late-blossoming NC State team in a game that is pretty evenly matched. There’s something about Wisconsin and Bo Ryan that rubs me the wrong way. I think the Big 10 in general gives me an unpleasant feeling. Let’s go with the better conference here: NC State wins it by 7-10 points.

Duke and Michigan State square off in the game I’m most excited to watch. The Dukies can beat anyone, but this Michigan State team has a feel about it that leads me to believe they’re going to give Duke a very tough game. The Spartans are big and physical, they’re experienced, and they’re well coached. This is tonight’s big upset. Duke falls to Michigan State by 3.

Lastly, my Kentucky Wildcats play Utah. Again. They play every year. I don’t know why, but it’s a given, like taxes and death. Kentucky wins every year, so why think this year will be any different? Well, for one, I’m predicting the Cats will win. But more importantly, Utah’s Bogut is really something else. Still, Kentucky can handle him – they have a 7-footer of their own who can play. I’ll say Kentucky knocks Utah out once again, but it ought to be close and low-scoring. Cats by 5.

I would complain about the countdown, but I still have an hour and a half.
Bogut tames Wildcats, tonight at 10!
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