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Thursday, March 24



Up here in Washington, where the bullshit is thicker than the dung of a two-ton cow, I’m getting screwed tonight. There are four tournament games tonight, two of which are clearly more interesting than the others, and Comcast is showing the two crappier games. At 7:00, we’ll get to watch Illinois trounce UW-Milwaukee instead of the extraordinarily exciting Washington-Louisville match up. Then, at 10:00, instead of getting the Oklahoma State-Arizona game, we get Tech and West Virginia. That’s not a bad game, and I’ll watch, but come on, it’s not nearly as provoking as the #2-#3 matchup. I guess I’ll be headed to a sports bar so I can catch all the action.

There is nothing wrong with bitching about having to live in DC. If you lived here you would understand.
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