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Friday, April 1


Final Four picks

Okay, I’ve put this off all week, but it’s time to make predictions for this weekend’s games. I’ve been pretty inconsistent with my picks this tournament: I’ve made some damn silly predictions. And some pretty good ones, too. So, take my word with a truckload of salt:

Louisville vs Illinois

I’ve wanted to pick Louisville all week. I still want to. But I can’t. I think they can beat Illinois 6 times out of 10, maybe even 7. But they’re not going to on Saturday night. Nope, in the bright lights of the Final Four, I think Louisville won’t show up with their A-game.

This is a gutshot call if ever there was one. Louisville has the talent to win it. They’ve got a coach who’s already won it all. Illinois has a coach who’s never been here before. I won’t be surprised a bit if Louisville wins. I just think the Dream Season takes another step forward. Illinois in a close one, 80-78.

Michigan State vs North Carolina

This is another game where the better talent is on the team that I’m going to pick against. No question about it: North Carolina is the most talented team in the country. The smart pick is with North Carolina, but the spiteful pick is with Michigan State. I just don’t think very highly of Roy Williams.

If you were looking for an in-depth breakdown of the games, look elsewhere. There’s a flood of previews of Saturday’s games out there. I’m just putting my picks on the record. Roy Williams bows out short of the championship. Again. 84-81.


I am going to disagree slightly with Bean. I think Illinois is too tough, too talented at the guard position, and just deep enough inside to beat Louisivlle. I see a close game, but the Illini cover 78-72.

I saw Michigan State play two games in Austin last weekend and came away very impressed. They are well coached, deep, have a decent inside presence and are as atheltic as any team in recent memory. But Carolina will be too much. They will overcome their coaching deficiency with stellar on the floor talent. May, Felton, McCants, and Marvin Williams are all NBA players. Carolina has balance inside and out. May is playing as well as he has his entire career. He will be too much for Davis to handle on the low block. Look for Carolina to win a squeaker, 78-77. Take Michigan State plus 5.5.

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