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Wednesday, April 6


ESPN analysts rank 2005-06 hoops team high

I feel very strongly that it’s never too early to start talking about next year… and ESPN agrees! College basketball analysts Andy Katz and Dick Vitale have already unleashed their pre-pre-season rankings for next year’s college hoops season. Checking at #5 on Katz’s list are the Longhorns. Vitale has Texas at #10 on his own list.

“The Longhorns were a shell of the team that started once P.J. Tucker was ineligible and
LaMarcus Aldridge got hurt,” writes Katz. “Well, both are back next season, along with Daniel Gibson and Brad Buckman. That's enough to whet our appetite. This team could be the Big 12 champ and a pick to get to Indianapolis.”

Vitale’s praise is a little less glowing, but positive nonetheless. “With forwards
P.J. Tucker and LaMarcus Aldridge expected to return, the Longhorns will contend in the Big 12. Point guard Daniel Gibson will be one of the nation's premier super sophs.” (Query: Has this man ever written or spoken a sentence without alliteration in it?)

The only other Big 12 team in Katz’s Top 25 and Vitale’s “Dazzling Dozen” is Oklahoma (Katz: #7, Vitale #9).

My own take: I think this is about right. We were probably a Top 15 team this year (had Aldridge and Tucker been around all year) and next year’s team will only be better. In fact, Tucker and Aldridge’s disappearance forced Brad Buckman to take the step forward he’d been unable (or unwilling) to make before, and will make next year’s team that much better. We deserve to be in the Top 10 to start next year, and if all the stars align and everyone stays on the court for a full year, I think we’ll be one of the most dangerous teams in the country by year’s end. The future is very bright for Texas basketball…

No OK St, No Kansas, No TT. I would think at least 2 of these teams should start out in the top 25.
I'm sure one or two of them will finish in the Top 25, but all three teams are losing a ton of starters.
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