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Tuesday, April 5


Hype machine revving up

Part of what comes with a superstar Rose Bowl performance and a Heisman candidacy is millions of puff pieces previewing your upcoming year. It's already started for Vince Young. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline gets the party started here.

Mack Brown and reporters munching on some Mexican in a conference room...

Poor Mexican.
I've been in those press conferences before. It is good Mexican.

Seriously though, I think UT might want to be a little careful with promoting Vince Young as the greatest player ever. I loved the Rose Bowl and wanted them to free Vince the moment he walked on campus. However, I still think he has a little ways to go before he is the complete package.

UT is hyping him like he's already the second coming of Steve Young. I can see the legs, but the arm (at least the accuracy) needs to improve if we are going to run the table in 2005. I think the all-time UT best 59% completion rate Vince has is a little misleading because he throws a lot of swing passes and uses the TE a lot.

I am more optimistic that he can be the man than I am worried that he will fail, but I can’t help but be a little skeptical. Especially as long as you know who is calling the plays.
I think Vince is amazing and I think he's going to have a fantastic year, but I think the degree of success is highly dependent on the development of some wide receivers. Limas Sweed was absolutely miserable as a freshman, while injuries kept Jordan Shipley from even playing last year. Young's going to need more than just tight end's to be an elite college quarterback.
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