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Friday, February 25


I rule

Because I'm excited and feel like sharing with everyone, I'll use this forum to announce that I got both a raise and a promotion today at work. And the Woodrow Wilson Center Press has agreed to publish a book I'm editing in 2006.

Life is good...

Buca is giving you an extra 30 cents an hour? Thats great news.

Seriously, congratulations.
Nothing like smartass friends to give you a boost...

Thanks, Drew
Nicely done Bean. Although explain to us non writer noobies what that means. The way I am seeing it is that you didn't write this book but in 2006 you will be spell checking it?
Just kidding. Way to go Bean!
I've actually been getting this question all day from various people, some kidding, some not, so here's the scoop:

Books either have authors or editors. In the case of my book, it will say "Edited by Peter Bean"

I'm putting together a bunch of interviews involving other people, heavily editing them to make them readable, introducing each interview with a blurb, and putting it all together as one big package. It'll be pretty sweet to have a book with my name on it, though.

Thanks to everyone who has sent nice words throughout the day...
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