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Friday, February 18


Friday Open Thread

Back by popular demand, the Friday open thread... The men's basketball team is having a very interesting season - we're curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Will we beat Tech, OU, or Ok State? Are we going to make it to the tournament? Plenty to discuss... Let's hear it.

Again, please identify yourself for the group.

Wins: Tech, OU
Game that will be closer than it should be: Missiouri
Who do yall think will be the starting running back for UT next year?
I think we beat Baylor, OU, and Missouri (agree that it will be close). I think we'll lose at Tech, at Ok State.

As far as I know, Selvin Young is penciled in as the starter, but with his ankle and eligibility issues, it's anyone's guess. Keep your eye on freshman Jamaal Charles, though.

Mack's quote on signing day: "Right now tailback is our priority, so we've got to put every young man with a chance to play tailback back there. We might have to look at playing all three of the new tailbacks next year, Jerrell Wilkerson, Henry Melton and Jamaal Charles."
Here's my problem:

With around 400,000 alumni spanning the globe, why the F is it so hard to watch or listen to a game when you're outside of the State of Texas?

For yall in DC and me in LA, I had to listen to crap-ass Dave South on the aTm radio network. First off, if you've never listened to this guy, it's pure comedy gold. Add to that the commercials that they play are about feed and other livestock essentials.

But my point is, I'm not going to pay 10 bucks to Yahoo to listen to Craig Way and rumblin-bumblin-stumblin Eddie Oran.

Just make it free, Texas.

- Also, Texas plays Stanford in baseball this weekend highlighting two of the top teams in collegiate baseball.
Does Eddie Oran have Down Syndrome?
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I don't have anything relevant to say except that I appreciate the blog. Texas basketball has really lost its spark especially when I have WFU to watch. However, it is nice to follow what y'all think about the game. I will post more come football season. Does anyone know a good site that talks about UTs football class? I am kind of out of the loop on that. Also does everyone get that horns email newsletter from Newbie? If not I will forward it on to you. I read everyone. Later
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