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Friday, February 18



Who’s the most dominant athlete at UT these days? Is it The Gazelle—Vince Young? An academically eligible P.J. Tucker? Texas' super shortstop Seth Johnston? As it turns out, no. Wiggins has been bugging me to check out the statistics of one of UT’s softball pitchers, Cat Osterman. Not because we give a crap about softball, mind you, but because, he insisted, her statistics are otherworldly. He wasn't kidding.

Ms. Osterman has started three games for the Horns this year, has pitched two complete game shutouts, and (here’s where it gets bonkers), of the 57 batters she’s retired, 45 have been on strikeouts. She’s making 79% of her outs via the strikeout. To put that in perspective, Randy Johnson recorded only 39% of his outs via the strikeout last year. It’s a totally different game, of course, but still…

Not impressed by her performance against collegiate athletes? Check out her line in the 2004 Olympic Games: 8.2 innings pitched, 1 hit allowed, 1 walk, 0 earned runs allowed, and 13 strikeouts. Ridiculous. I could care less about softball, but Wiggins, you’re right—that’s pure dominance.

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