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Wednesday, February 9


Colorado 88 Texas 79

Texas may have flunked itself right out of the tournament in Boulder last night, losing to a mediocre Colorado squad 88-79 despite another huge night from Brad Buckman (27 points, 21 rebounds). The Buffaloes took a cue from Iowa State and pressured point guard Daniel Gibson, forcing an unacceptable eight turnovers from the freshman and disrupting the flow of the offense.

Texas has now lost four of five since the loss of Tucker and Aldridge and will now have to play its way in to the tournament by winning two of its final three games against quality opponents (at Tech, vs Oklahoma, at Oklahoma State). The losses are mounting, Texas’ confidence is clearly slipping, and there’s little reason for optimism at this point.

Rick Barnes won’t let this team pack it in, but Texas is clearly struggling right now and will need a pretty drastic turnaround to avoid a wasted season. I don’t believe this team is incapable of taking a step forward and finishing strong, but the signs are not there right now.


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