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Tuesday, February 22


ESPN's Bilas supports Horns

ESPN’s Jay Bilas writes in his weekend column that he believes Texas has earned a trip to the NCAA tournament, but complains that the Selection Committee unfairly weights its decision on a team’s performance down the stretch, as opposed to looking at the season as a whole. While Bilas’ self-righteous dorkdom can be a bit annoying on TV at times, he’s an intelligent analyst who I generally respect. With the abundance of meathead “analysts” that the networks employ to cover most sports, it’s nice to have someone out there who’s got an intelligent take on his beat.

For those of you who are not subscribers to ESPN's Insider content, you really ought to shell out the $30 that they charge. The premium content is essential for the sports junkie and well worth the small investment.

You also get a free sub to ESPN The Magazine when you sign up for Insider. Not the best sports mag out there but definitely readable.

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