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Tuesday, February 22


Bracket Banter

With just twenty days left until Selection Sunday, it’s time to get the tourney talk ramped up. As of today, the Horns are in, though not a comfortable “lock” for Madness action. Here on the blog, we’re going to start offering our own take on who the top four seeds will be for the tournament, and we’d like to hear your own thoughts. Please add your own seeding thoughts/rankings in the comment section below.

Peter Bean’s Top Four Seeds

No. 1 seeds: Illinois, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Wake Forest
No. 2 seeds: Boston College, Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas
No. 3 seeds: Duke, Louisville, Michigan State, Alabama
No. 4 seeds: Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Pittsburgh, Washington

Andrew Wiggins Top Four Seeds

No. 1: Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Boston College
No. 2: Arizona, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kentucky
No. 3: Duke, Washington, Louisville, Michigan St.
No. 4: Utah, Alabama, Pittsburgh, Syracuse

As with all bracketology, there’s some disagreement over who will wind up where. I think Oklahoma State is going to win out, including the Big 12 tournament, and grab a #1 seed, while I see Boston College slipping up and dropping to a #2 seed. While our #1 and #2 seeds are almost identical, there’s plenty to debate about who will wind up a #3 or #4. Wiggins and I both agree that as of today Texas probably sits as a #9 seed.

Please share your own seeding comments and identify yourself for the group.

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