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Wednesday, December 22


Time for a playoff

Imagine, if you can, that college football had a playoff system. Let's pretend that it's an 8-team, single elimination tournament where the eight teams are selected using a BCS-like standings system. Here's what we'd have:

#1 USC vs #8 Virginia Tech
#2 Oklahoma vs #7 Georgia
#3 Auburn vs #6 Utah
#4 Texas vs #5 Cal

Does this make sense? Maybe. The champion will have to win three straight games, which is, admittedly, a lot of extra games at the end of the year. Furthermore, the only flaw in the current system is that you sometimes have three undefeated teams, as we do this year. So, let's make it a four team tourney:

#1 USC vs #4 Texas
#2 Oklahoma vs #3 Auburn

Now we're on to something. If it were this year, Cal fans would be understandably upset, but you can't complain too much when you've lost one game. If you want in, win all your games. This system would eliminate the possibility of an Auburn getting shut out and wouldn't place undue burden on a team to win the championship. Win two games and you're the champ. You could even keep the current bowl system alive and have USC-Texas at the Rose and Oklahoma-Auburn at the Fiesta. The winners play in a championship game a week later at a neutral site like the Super Bowl is each year. And believe me, everyone would make plenty of money.

Now that the Associated Press
has withdrawn its poll from the BCS formula, the BCS is on its deathbed. Here's to hoping that college football lets the best teams duke it out on the field. It's time.

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