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Tuesday, December 21


Tucker Big 12's Best for the Week

P.J. Tucker was named the Big 12 player of the week on Monday after averaging 22 points and 12 rebounds in games against UT-Arlington and Wake Forest. Tucker's revival is good news for the Horns, as his slow start at his new position was cause for concern. Tucker has a nose for the ball like Larry Bird, and though far less skilled than the aforementioned legend, he has similarly uncanny touch around the basket. Without a highly productive Tucker, the Horns are an average team. With him, they become extremely dangerous because he's so difficult to contain. His ability to find the ball around the rim and get it through the hoops makes it very difficult for opposing coaches to defend.

Tucker doesn't have traditional skills. He's often out of control and he doesn't shoot from the outside particularly well. But there is nobody better around the basket. He reminds me of Chuck Hayes of Kentucky with his ability to be so versatile and effective around the basket, but Tucker is a better scorer than Hayes. I hope Rick continues to find creative ways to utilize Texas' oddest, yet best, player.

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