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Thursday, December 16


Hail to the fight songs

It just occurred to me that there will be an epic battle at the Rose Bowl. And I'm not referring to the football teams. I'm wondering, of course, who has the better fight song--Texas or Michigan? I'm obviously partial to Texas, but who doesn't love Hail to the Victors? When I watch Michigan play, even though I have no particular affinity for them, I have the urge to stand up and clap when they score and Hail to the Victors begins to sound. What a great fight song. I guess this time around I'll be hoping not to hear it played much.

Michigan, the champion of the West, gets my vote. But maybe that's just because I'm "ghetto" and learned their fight song in 2nd grade music class.

I prefer "We are the Champions", the Baylor Gay Bears fight song. I have never met so many flaming guys using the Bible to hide their obvious love for other "Christian" guys. It's okay to hug and kiss your friends of the same sex, as long as you whisper scripture into their ears at the same time...mt
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