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Friday, December 10


I miss Austin

May I rant a little here? Thank you. As the college football season winds down, I feel the need to bitch about how awful the sports franchises are in the Washington, D.C. area, where I live. Saturday mornings are filled with games that feature Maryland, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. If radio is your thing, Navy is always on the air.

Pro hoops your bag? Hope you like the woeful Wizards.

The NFL graces the DC area with two teams that we’re contractually obligated to watch each week—the Ravens and the Redskins. As much as I enjoy watching that devastatingly effective Baltimore offense, it leaves me wanting. And the Redskins are the biggest disaster of a pro franchise in sports today.

I’m a baseball junkie, but I just can’t get into the Baltimore Orioles. Probably because they’re awful. We were lucky enough to land another team in Washington, but of course, it’s going to be the 100-loss Expos. Fun.

I’m not Canadian, so hockey isn’t something that I care about.

In the end, the only thing to do is find the sports bars that are carrying games worth watching. There are worse things, I suppose, but it’s terribly frustrating. Count your blessings, Austinites.

It's about 70 here today, not a cloud in the sky. You should really move back. East coast people are cocky dickheads...We could start a company or something...mt
Ditto. (wink)
I swear to god I'm going to go to Dallas to see the A's play the Rangers and then to Houston to see the Giants play the Astros this coming season.
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