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Tuesday, December 21


Ricky Williams on 60 Minutes

The enigmatic Ricky Williams is back in the news after his 15 minute interview that aired on Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes. As I've said before in this space, it just seems as though Ricky is shirking his responsibilities. More power to him if he really is fulfilled by a life of holistic medicine and dope smoking, but one can't help but wonder if he's just hiding from his problems. I'll still be pulling for him, though.

I think everyone is making too big a deal about RW leaving football. People leave their jobs everyday. A job as a million dollar athlete is different than most, but everyone acts as if it has been the biggest mistake ever in the history of the world. Maybe the life of a NFL star is not all that the millions of football FanBoys think it is. Is it really his fault that Miami is not a playoff team this year, would the Dolphins have the same record now as if RW torn his ACL on the first play of the season??? Everyone needs to relax and realize the football is not the center of the universe.

Thanks for all the Fish.
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