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Tuesday, December 21


RPI Update

Texas is currently ranked 17th in the Ratings Percentage Index (RPI), while playing the nation's 19th toughest schedule to date. [The RPI is used by the Tournament Selection Committee when evaluating teams to invite and how to seed them] The Horns only losses are to Wake Forest (RPI #3) and Iowa (#15) and one could easily argue that Texas wins those games in March. All signs are pointing to a strong season for Texas, and as I've said before, this is a team that's only going to get better.

As usual, playing in the talented and brutal Big 12 will only help Texas (and the rest of the conference) come March, which is why we've seen so many Big 12 teams in the Final Four of late. It's not inconceivable that Kansas and Oklahoma State will be in the Final Four, giving the Big 12 two teams in the final group once again. The ACC is undeniably an excellent basketball conference and it rightly gets a lot of credit for being so deep and so talented. But make no mistake about it: the Big 12 is either its equal or not far behind.

Texas is probably a bit young to make a Final Four run, but there aren't many teams who are going to want to play us in March. With most of Texas key players set to return next year (and let's be honest, Aldridge would clearly benefit from two years at the college level), Texas should be in great shape to make a run for the Final Four next year. As exciting as next year's team may be, this year's team has a ton of potential. I can't wait to see things unfold.

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