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Wednesday, April 27


Expert takes on Longhorn draftees

Comments on Cedric Benson here. Derrick Johnson here. Since many of you probably don't have ESPN Insider subscriptions (though you should), I'll post their commentaries:

Scouts Inc. take on Benson pick: "New offensive coordinator Ron Turner favors a power, between-the-tackles running game, and Benson should be an excellent fit. Benson has the size to wear defenses down over the course of the game, he excels at picking up yards after contact and he is a reliable short-yardage receiver. He doesn't have breakaway speed, and he isn't going to break many long runs, but he's quick enough to turn the corner and agile enough to cut back when the opportunity presents itself."

Mel Kiper's take on Benson pick: "Benson is a multi-skilled athlete who also was drafted to play baseball, and he showed those talents in four amazingly productive years at Texas. He has unbelievable lower body strength and is never tackled by the initial defender, making him a tremendous red-zone runner who one respected GM called the best red-zone back he has ever scouted. Benson does not fumble and proved his durability with lots and lots of carries."

Scouts Inc. take on Johnson pick: "The only surprising aspect of this pick is how long Kansas City took to select Johnson, as he clearly was a player the team coveted heading into the draft and hoped would fall to them at this pick. Johnson isn't a physical run stuffer, but he is an explosive player, which is something the Chiefs are lacking right now. He is extremely active, he has the range to make plays from sideline-to-sideline and he does a nice job of wrapping up up on contact. Johnson also has the burst to get to the quarterback quickly when he's asked to blitz and the ball skills, speed and athletic ability to make some big plays in coverage."

Mel Kiper's take on Johnson pick: "Johnson is a gifted athlete who retained his speed despite putting on some weight last season, only making his sideline-to-sideline speed more impressive. He runs to the ball as well as anyone, knows how to jar it loose once he gets there and as a result is one of the most productive players in this year's draft. There have been some questions about his toughness, but Johnson is a hard worker who has improved during his career, and he will be a good value for a team desperately in need of an upgrade along the front seven."

You are right - I don't have insider. so keep copying and pasting all relevant articles. muchas gracias
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