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Tuesday, April 26


2006 "Sneak Peek"

Thank you, internet. Yes, because sports sites have to keep trying to provide 24/7/365 content to increasingly wired (and demanding) internet content-seekers, you get some pretty ridiculous articles. Like taking a sneak peek at next year's NFL draft.

But who am I to fight the revolution? Three Longhorns were among CBS SPortsline's top seven picks next year: Rodrique Wright (#5), Jonathon Scott (6), and Vince Young (7). Squeaking in at the last spot of the 32 previewed was safety Michael Huff. You can see the full Top 32

They really think Vince is going to go that high?
I'm no draft expert, but if I'm an NFL team, I think I'd draft Vince in the Top 10. Even if I'm not sure he's going to pan out as a quarterback, sometimes you just take the guy with the best skills. There aren't too many guys with that kind of size and speed and maneuverability, not to mention versatility.

Then again, perhaps that's your point. If he's not a sure thing at any position, can you justify taking him that high? I've personally seen enough of him to say, yes, it's worth the risk. The upside is so high. But you raise an interesting question. I'm curious to hear others' thoughts.

Is Vince Young going to be an NFL quarterback? Can he be a great one? Average? Or is he destined to try to make a Hines Wardesque conversion in the NFL? Where would you draft him?
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