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Tuesday, April 26


Michael Young? Vince Vick?

From ESPN college football analyst Bruce Feldman:

We like Mack Brown. If you ever spend five minutes with him, you have to. There's not a more charming man in college football. The guy could sell protein powder to a room full of sports writers. But this business about him encouraging comparisons between Vince Young and Michael Vick doesn't sound like a good idea to us.

In fact, it borders on the same kind of wisdom that would make a guy bring up an old girlfriend in front of the current one. Not smart Mack. She's ALWAYS going to misinterpret it, even if your intentions are pure. Always! And yet, Brown went right there when talking to the Dallas Morning News:

"I think it's OK because Vince is that type of player," said Brown. (Uh, no Mack, he's not. Vince Young is a great talent, special even, and he's a very classy kid. But there is only one Michael Vick. And there's no comparison between Vicks amazing arm strength and wicked-snap release and Young's.)

"And Vince has so much confidence now and is throwing the ball with such confidence and velocity," Brown continued. "He's developing into one of the best quarterbacks in school history.
"I think comparisons to Michael Vick put pressure on Vince. But I think that's a healthy thing right now."

Huh? No, not healthy. Texas hasn't beat Oklahoma in years. Isn't that enough pressure for the guy to cope with?

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