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Tuesday, April 19


Ricky spawns Lil' Blazer

Former Texas star and Heisman Trophy winner, Ricky Williams has made the headlines again. And once again it has nothing to due with his football ability. Williams was ordered last week to pay $4,200 in monthly child support to a South Florida woman. She and her son, Kekoa Blaze Williams now live in Hawaii. Ricky also agreed to establish a $300,000 trust, pay for his medical and life insurance, and pay for any legal fees from the case. A famous athlete fathering a child out of wedlock is hardly news. But this is just the latest in a string of poor decisions by Williams. The running back who could do no wrong in college has done almost everything wrong in the pros. From hiring a rapper as his agent, to negotiating an almost entirely incentive based contract, to meeting with the media with his helmet still on, to self medicating his depression and social anxiety with weed, to retiring from the NFL early, and so on and so on. Sadly, this once great star will be remembered only for walking away from the game in a puff, puff, pass cloud of confusion. Ricky Williams could not be reached for comment on the story. He is said to be traveling in India. He still owes the Miami Dolphins over $8 million. Hornsblog wishes him the best and hopes he is happy in his new life.

puff, puff pass cloud of confusion. - hilarious
It's unfortunate that because of some psychological issues and unpopular opinions Ricky Williams has become nothing but a punchline. I've been a Dolphins fan since before I knew what "NFL" stood for, yet I understood where Ricky was coming from when he decided not to return to the team last season. The year before I saw him get pounded into the ground by the opposing team every single game. The combination of poor playcalling and a weak offensive line visibly wore on Williams, and there was more than one game where I was amazed at the way he kept jumping back on the horse. He got worked harder under worse circumstances than just about any running back I've seen in recent times, and I think Dave Wannstedt's incompetence/ignorance/recklessness played a large part in Ricky walking away. Given the incredible amount of football players whose lives become tragic disasters once they retire from the NFL the "normal" way, I had hope that just maybe Ricky would beat the odds. My consolation every time I heard a Ricky joke was that given his new lifestyle he probably wouldn't hear them, nor would he care.

On a related note, Sportsline's rumor mill http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/NFL_SC-RUMOR says the Miami Herald reported that Ricky is "expected" to return next season. I also heard Nick Saban say that he's discussed the possibility with team members. I'm not sure this is necessarily the best thing for Ricky, though I'm sure it would help him support lil' Blaze and pay back that trashbag Huizenga.
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