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Tuesday, March 1


Oklahoma 74 Texas 58

Texas was outplayed in every aspect of the game last night, losing 74-58 and confirming many of our worst fears that this team just isn't that good. The endless turnovers were especially frustrating, and there were no signs of a team coming together at the right time to make a postseason run. Andrew and I have done everything we can to remain optimistic about this team, but in the end, it appears that this group of guys can't beat quality competition. While Texas will still probably find its way into the NCAA tourney, there isn't much reason to think we'll make any noise.


Let’s hope the committee wasn’t watching. Let’s hope they were tuned in to the Bachlorette instead. I went to the game last night and couldn’t agree with Bean more. We were totally outplayed. OU outshot, outrebounded, outhustled, and outcoached our Horns. We looked awful. OU dominated the tempo of the game by constantly pressuring the basketball and largely neutralizing Daniel Gibson. Williams, Klotz, and Buckman were forced to consistently handle the ball up the court while Gibson was successfully face guarded by Drew Lavender. Coach Sampson was not going to let Gibson beat him and it worked. We were never in a rhythm offensively. We got zero fast break points. OU had 14. We were outrebounded by ten and it seemed like much, much more. The Sooners were the hungrier team, diving for loose balls, playing great transition defense, and shooting timely threes. Texas looked like a team stuck glaring at the spotlights of Senior Night.

I was particularly struck by the severely honest post game comments by Jason Klotz. Klotz for the second game in a row played great. Klotz said that some players simply didn’t come to play and didn’t put out effort. He seemed to be particularly pointing the finger at Brad Buckman. For the second game in a row, Buckman traded in the Superman outfit he had been adorning over the last two weeks for the much more regular Clark Kent attire. Buck played just twenty one minutes scoring nine points and getting four boards. Please get it together Texas.

My optimism is fading. We play on Saturday night at Oklahoma State, who I believe is still the best team in the Big 12. OSU hasn’t lost at home in over two years and I doubt they will on Saturday night. If playing there wasn’t tough enough, we will face yet another nationally televised audience at the site of ESPN’s College Gameday on Senior Night for the Cowboys. We are in trouble. A blowout loss coupled with a first round exit in the Big 12 tourney could spell ultimate doom for the Horns tourney chances. We are still assured an 8-8 finish in conference. But will that be enough?

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