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Monday, February 28


Texas vs Oklahoma Preview

Texas will play its final home game of the season tonight as it hosts No. 22 Oklahoma on ESPN’s “Big Monday.” The Horns are 9-1 in Big Monday home games, including six victories over Top 25 opponents. While the victory over Missouri makes this less of a “must win” game for Texas, a win would solidify the Horns postseason resume and guarantee a seventh straight trip to the NCAA tourney. Oklahoma is a good team, but they aren’t great, and if we play like we’re capable of playing at home, I think we’re a good bet to win.

It’s senior night, as Texas fans will bid adieu to Kenny Taylor, Jason Klotz, Sydmill Harris, and walkon Adam Gracely. Here’s to hoping the Drum is full for their sendoff. I haven’t predicted a Texas loss yet, and I’m not going to now… Horns in a solid win, 74-66.

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