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Friday, March 11


Colorado 81 Texas 69

The game itself was unmemorable, a sluggish performance from a Texas team that either didn't care too much about the Big 12 tournament, was still languishing in their incredible win at Oklahoma State, or read this blog too much and agreed that playing down to a #10 seed would be a good idea. Whatever the case, the Horns were beaten handily by a mediocre Colorado team for the second time this year, this time 81-69.

To be completely honest, I didn't care too much about this game or this tournament. Things would be a hell of a lot different if we hadn't beaten Oklahoma State, but we did, and in the end, we were just playing for seeding. If we're lucky, we played our way down to a #10 seed. If we're not, we'll be stuck at #9.

I'm also not terribly opposed to a team ending its regular season on a bad note, as bad losses often motivate teams to pull things together and improve. There's plenty of reasons to be skeptical about this team, but as we all know, we're capable of beating anyone. Pay close attention on Texas' draw come Sunday: who we play will be crucial to the length of our stay in the Dance.

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