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Tuesday, March 8


Texas Tourney Talk

Did we do too much? Yes, we will be in the Dance next week courtesy of the win at Oklahoma State on Saturday night.. Now the talk can move to our potential seed. Collective wisdom has had Texas between a 7 and an 11 seed for the past few weeks. We really don’t want an 8 or a 9, as Bean has noted before, where a first round win would set up a second round match with a # 1 seed (see Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, or whoever). The NCAA would not set us as an 8 or a 9 with Wake as the 1 because we already played them this season. We would also not be set next to Kansas or Oklahoma State if either of them were able to run the table and grab that last number one seed. So, what next? The latest ESPN projection, the latest CBS Sportsline, and the latest College RPI projections all have us as an 8 or a 9 seed. So we have two options: if we ride our newly found confidence to a win against Colorado and maybe another win against Ok State, I believe we could play our way to a 7 seed. Or a first round loss in the Big 12, although bad, could drop us to a 10 or an 11 seed and a potential second round match up with a 2 or a 3 seed. I know I am getting way ahead of myself. There is a lot of basketball still to be played and another win in the Big 12 tourney would further solidify our place in the greatest sporting event in the world. I say we just keep winning and let the seeds fall where they may. But this is a blog and speculation is justified and encouraged. What do you think?


I think you put it well, Drew: keep on winning and let the seeds fall where they may. If we draw a powerhouse in the second round, we're done for, but there's no sense in worrying about it at this point. I also agree that we can beat just about anyone on any given day, though some of the top ACC competition really scares me. But who knows, perhaps we'll get lucky and get a favorable draw. Maybe we'll play our way up to a 6 or 7 seed by making a run in the Big 12 tourney. The important point is that, for the seventh year in a row, Texas is in, and the tournament takes on added significance. Get your Thursday and Friday off of work now, boys and girls. The Madness is here.

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