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Wednesday, February 2


Perilloux signs with LSU

Ryan Perilloux, the prized quarterback recruit that made a soft (verbal) commitment to Texas, has signed with LSU. Yet another reason why it doesn’t pay off to spend much time and energy following the crazy recruiting world. The rumors and speculation are fun, but the players change their minds a hundred times and the only thing that counts is where they end up.

Texas did land wide receiver Quan Cosby, who signed with the Horns in 2001 but wound up playing pro baseball for a while instead. Now he’s back and the Texas coaches are excited about him, saying they will use him much like USC uses Reggie Bush.

I knew this cocky little Vince Young wannabe was going to go to lsu. what a little bitch.
Screw Perilloux. All hail Colt McCoy, the Longhorn quarterback of the future and the first UT QB out of West Texas since Shea Morenz.
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