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Monday, January 31


Aldridge has tear in hip

Tests have revealed that Lamarcus Aldridge has torn some cartilage in his hip and will require surgery after the season. Because doctors have said he can't worsen the injury, there is some chance he'll play again this year if the pain becomes manageable. I wouldn't count on it. Aldridge has barely begun light running at this point, so it's hard to see him recovering quickly enough to make an impact in the regular season. Horns fans can hope to see him by the time postseason play begins, but it's hard to imagine him being terribly effective.

With Saturday's blowout loss to Kansas, the grim reality for the Horns is that this group of guys is limited and doesn't have much of a chance to make a deep tourney run. While that's no reason not to remain excited about the rest of the year, the Horns now clearly look like they're a year away. Now can someone please make sure that P.J. is going to class?

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