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Thursday, January 27


Change your bookmark

Starting next week, this blog will no longer be available at www.hornsblog.com - only at the new URL: http://hornsblog.blogspot.com (where it is already available). While I like the cleaner, shorter URL, I don't particuarly want to continue to pay $40 a month when I can host it for free on blogger.com and not have the annoying banner at the bottom of the page. So, for those of you who are still viewing this site through www.hornsblog.com, please bookmark the site at the new URL.

Thanks to all who are reading, especially those of you who are joining in with comments.

Where are you hosting it now? Or is it Blogger that you have to pay more to host elsewhere? $40 and still have banners? That's ridiculous.

Check out DreamHost or Surpass Hosting. They both have deals under $10 a month and DreamHost has some really good specials going on right now.

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