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Tuesday, January 25


Early 2005 rankings

ESPN football analyst Pat Forde ranks the Horns #2 in his really, really early pre-season rankings for the 2005 football season. Save your lecture about how meaningless it is—this is a Longhorns sports discussion so indulge me, ok? Not surprisingly, Forde’s got USC as the early #1 and why shouldn’t they be? Pete Carroll has built an absolute monster of a football program. Then again, so has Mack Brown. You can’t tell me Brown hasn’t recruited a team talented enough to win it all, or at least play for the national title game. The only difference between Texas and USC (or OU for that matter) is that we’re consistently out-coached in big games.

Could the Big 12 Championship game next year actually be Texas versus Iowa State? How scary would that be?
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